February 26, 2020 – Everything you need to know about water: A new Help Desk service on Natural Water Retention Measures

Do you want to know how to improve water management in your property? Do you want to reduce flood risk in your territory?

The LIFE project “BEWARE” is promoting the activation of a Help Desk service for citizens in Altovicentino area. The Help Desk will answer all questions and curiosities about how to best protect water resources. Particularly, it will provide information about Natural Water Retention Measures, a set of small interventions – generally of reduced costs – for sustainable management of rain flows and the reduction of their impact on the territory.  These measures improve hydraulic resilience and safeguard water resources by increasing a territory’s water storage capacity, using natural processes such as infiltration, restoring ecosystems and aquifers.

Rain gardens, green roofs, infiltration trench, pervious pavement are just a few examples of the interventions about which citizens, municipalities and enterprises will be able to obtain information, especially regarding the method of construction, the types available on the market, the construction measures and costs.

If you wish to discover more about Natural Water Retention Measures, the LIFE BEWARE project provides a free help desk managed by the Department of Territory and Agro-Forestal Systems (TESAF) of Padua University directed to citizens, municipalities and enterprises who might be interested to acquire further knowledge and to explore the possibility to implement one of these sustainable measures.


You can contact us by email: beware.tesaf@unipd.it

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