Beneficiaries of the project

We believe that the objective of improving the safety and hydraulic resilience of the territory cannot be pursued only through the implementation of major structural works, but requires an articulated and incisive action also at the social level.

Inspired by the principle that a virtuous action practiced by every citizen can produce a collective benefit even greater than the one achievable by a major work, the LIFE BEWARE Project provides for the activation of a participatory process for the involvement of all major stakeholders, territorial and otherwise.


Especially in urban environments, the hydraulic safety of the territory is the result of small decisions and daily practices. BEWARE is aimed at citizens to promote an environmental culture and to spread the knowledge and adoption of sustainable measures to reduce the negative effects caused by the cementing and waterproofing of soils.


The agricultural sector now employs up to 51% of the European water supply. BEWARE provides for the involvement of farmers in various actions in order to encourage the adoption of measures and practices for the good management of water resources in the agricultural sector, i.e. aimed at both reducing consumption in periods of scarcity of the resource, and increasing retention, storage and infiltration of water in periods of excessive availability.

Administrators and technical departments

Local municipal administrators and technicians, by virtue of their position, have a key role in giving impetus and concreteness to measures and projects for adaptation to climate change in the territory. BEWARE provides for a series of actions aimed at spreading local governance to improve the hydraulic resilience of the territory.

Professionals in the sector

Engineers, surveyors, architects, agronomists and foresters are professionals able to spread knowledge and encourage the adoption of sustainable measures for the mitigation of hydraulic risk. For this reason, they are among the main target groups of the information and training actions provided by the BEWARE Project.


The spread of an environmental and environmental culture is a gradual process that requires a bottom-up approach, through education, training and awareness of new generations and the construction of new skills.

Other national and European municipalities

BEWARE aims to build a participatory process model for improving hydraulic safety and resilience. A series of targeted actions aim to export this model to other Italian and European municipalities through study visits and on-site training.

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