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 Nature Based Solutions

This training is foreseen for those interested in replicating the pilot interventions (Natural Water Retention Measures) implemented and tested by the LIFE BEWARE project. It is targeted specifically for Eu Municipalities, public technicians and local administrators, but it is available also for representatives of universities, CSOs, etc.

Intro - Life Beware

I tetti verdi - Green Roofs

Le aree di bioritenzione e i giardini pluviali - Bioretention areas and rain gardens

I fossi inerbiti - Swales

Gli stagni di bioritenzione - Bioretention ponds (Via Volti)

I serbatoi per l’accumulo di acqua piovana - Rain barrels and drywells

Le trincee drenanti - Infiltration trenches

Le pavimentazioni permeabili - Permeable paving surfaces

Gli stagni di bioritenzione - Bioretention basins (Giavenale)

Do you have any question?

  • Watch the workshop held by the University of Padova, to know more about the measures implemented, their monitoring and their economic impact! HERE
  • Send us an E-Mail to and we are collecting the answers in a public FAQ Document

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