Workshops in Europe

The project foreseed local workshops in other EU municipalities, aiming at further promoting and encouraging the replicability of the action at EU level. Due to COVID-19 situation and the impossibility to travel, the workshop was held online , inviting many EU municipalities and the Community of  Interest to be part of it. 


The goal of the workshop was to foster the replicability of Nature Based Solutions and to teach local administrators how to better implement these measures on their territories. The workshop included a frontal lesson developed by TESAF and providing the main theoretical elements on the topic of Nature Based Solutions, and an online “field visit” to better understand the practical aspects related to the implementation of the action and the realization of the planned interventions. As a matter of fact, the on demand training for municipalities was shared beforehand with the participants so that they could have an idea on how the measures looked liked and worked.


There were 56 registered participants.

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