Hydraulic resilience tour

The link to “Acque comuni“, the innovative digital tour of the municipalities of Santorso and Marano Vicentino that will let you discover the outstanding natural and cultural heritage linked to water and connected to the hydraulic risk mitigation interventions carried out within the Life Beware European project, is now available. Thanks to the special geo-referenced audio guide, which uses the open-source platform izi.Travel, it will be possible to easily follow the itinerary, just by using your smartphone or tablet. In fact, Izi.Travel allows you, once you frame the QR code with your smartphone or tablet, to activate geo-location with Gps to start the guided tour.


Follow the link: https://izi.travel/it/84a1-acque-comuni-patrimoni-di-civilta-dell-acqua-a-santorso-e-marano-vicentino/it  and start enjoying the digital tour to discover the water heritage of the area between the municipalities of Santorso and Marano Vicentino! 

An educational device on the functions and performance of an extensive green roof – Casa del Custode (Santorso).

At the Casa del Custode, the BEWARE project created a teaching device that allows students and visitors to visually assess the different performances in terms of rainwater management provided by a traditional tiled roof and a green roof. The device consists of two metal boxes, each with a surface area of 4 square meters, on which a traditional tiled roof and an extensive green roof have been installed.


Visitors can activate, by means of a special button, a timed irrigation system that distributes a known and equal amount of water on both roofs, simulating a rain event. Metal boxes collect the ‘rainwater’ that has fallen on the two roof models and channel it into two special containers. Visitors will then be able to appreciate the different amounts of water leaving (and consequently deduce the portion of water retained) and the different rates at which the water is released from the roof.


In addition, they will be able to observe at close quarters a real green roof and the plants generally used for its construction (Sedum spp.).

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