Webinar for experts

The webinars were organised as part of the LIFE BEWARE project, co-financed by the European Union’s LIFE programme, and coordinated by the Municipality of Santorso in collaboration with the Municipality of Marano Vicentino, TESAF – Department of Territory, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry of the University of Padua, ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy, Veneto Agricoltura and Consorzio di Bonifica Alta Pianura Veneta.

Natural Resources Management and Pollution Reduction

The webinar is designed to share experiences on the sustainable management of natural resources to reduce pollution and increase territorial resilience to climate change. Topics covered by the webinar include best practices to prevent water, soil, and air contamination, such as Nature-Based Solutions, Water Safety Plans, and policies for soil conservation and restoration and to reduce air pollution.


The session will be enriched by contributions from two European-funded projects: the first one, the SOIL4LIFE Project which will focus on soil as a generator of ecosystem services and address the importance of a European policy framework for the conservation and restoration of healthy soils; the second one, the LIFE Prepair Project that will present the actions being implemented to reduce air pollution in the Po Valley. In addition, the RIVE Research Centre of Viacqua spa will talk about the risk of water contamination and Water Safety Plans.

Green infrastructure for the management of runoff in urban and peri-urban areas

Life Beware presents “Green infrastructure for the management of runoff in urban and peri-urban areas” realized within the Life Beware project in collaboration with the Italian Society of Agricultural Engineering (AIIA, http://www.aiia.it).


The seminar was held by Prof. Vincenzo D’Agostino of TESAF and moderated by Prof. Francesca Todisco, University of Perugia.

Alto Vicentino Mayors Adapt Strategy – What is it? What does it consist of?

On 14 December 2021, an online event was held to present the results of the LIFE Beware participatory process: “An Adaptation Plan for Altovicentino”. What is a climate change adaptation plan, or more precisely a Territorial Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change?


The aim of the event was to present the outcome of the process that led to the drafting of the Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan for AltoVicentino (‘The AltoVicentino Mayors Adapt Strategy’). The latter actively involved citizens, professionals, and local administrations in the construction of concrete and effective actions for a more resilient territory. Giulio Pesenti, facilitator and designer of the LIFE Beware participatory process for Veneto Agricoltura, was contacted within the framework of the LIFE Beware project to give voice to the new Altovicentino Climate Change Adaptation Plan. The drafting of the plan was a unique opportunity to discuss the issue of climate change mitigation and adaptation, which involves all social groups, without exception.

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