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Italy is overheating faster than the global average, with an increase of 1.45°C compared to the thirty-year period 1971-2000 (against 0.46 of the world average).      91% of Italian municipalities (compared to 88% in 2015) are now in an area of hydrological risk.      In Italy, 22,5 % of the surface (68 thousand km2) is at risk of flooding.      Land consumption is increasing in all Italian provinces; in 2017 54 km2 of land were lost, with an average of 15 hectares per day.

Beneficiaries of the project

We believe that the objective of improving the safety and hydraulic resilience of the territory cannot be pursued only through the implementation of major structural works, but requires an articulated and incisive action also at the social level.

Inspired by the principle that a virtuous action practiced by every citizen can produce a collective benefit even greater than that achievable by a major work, the LIFE BEWARE Project provides the activation of a participatory process for the involvement of all major stakeholders, territorial and otherwise.



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