The LIFE BEWARE project as case study within the Master Program “Governance of local development networks”

The LIFE BEWARE Project has become a case study of the Master Program “Governance of local development networks” at the University of Padua, intended to form the experts of territorial growth processes who, starting this year, should come in close contact with the most innovative responses geared to prevent the hydro-geologic risks and increase the resilience of the territory, such as the interventions implemented in Santorso, Marano Vicentino and Giavenale of Schio.

From this edition onward, and thanks to the contribution of the LIFE BEWARE Project, the Master in Governance of local development networks got enriched with the course “Communities resilient to hydro-geological risks”. The course confronts participants to the ever more relevant themes of climate change, from soil consumption to the effects on hydro-geologic risks but also, and foremost, to the solutions which are possible to adopt to immediately strengthen the resilience of the territory. This occurs via an innovative approach of eco-systemic type that integrates structural and sustainable responses with protection and prevention actions, spread and non-impactful.

The single course was organized by the Department of Political and Juridical Sciences and International Studies – of the University of Padua in collaboration with the LIFE BEWARE Project. The course was concluded on Friday, June 12th with the presentation of the single interventions to the students who were then able to further explore, through a virtual visit, the extent of the work achieved vs. work in progress in Santorso, Marano Vicentino and Giavenale of Schio.

The recipients of the Master are experts and consultants in public administration, leaders and managers of local bodies, organizations operating in the management of touristic destinations, Ipa (Area programmatic understandings) managers, and Local Action Groups (GAL) managers.

The training course aims at shaping the professional figure of the “Manager of governance networks of local development”, a specific profile that will gain the abilities to activate and run, at all levels, the complex relationship networks between the institutions and the actors of the public and private sectors, in order to promote and establish the most suitable forms of cooperation and negotiation useful for the fostering and regulation of a territory’s development. This goal is reached by directing the strategic decisions towards sustainable, shared and productive solutions.

The Master “Governance of local development networks” is active since 2002. Its objective is to build up and strengthen the multidisciplinary competencies of the participants to enable them to operate in the context of the articulated processes that lead to the development of the territory in a more conscious and effectively proactive mode.

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