September 28, 2019 – Trekking: “How the forest protects us: Hike to Tretto following the watercourse”

The first cycle of meetings promoted by the LIFE project “BEWARE – BEtter Water-management for Advancing Resilient-communities in Europewill last until January 2020: presentations, film screening, hikes and interesting activities to invite citizens to deepen their knowledge on climate change and hydraulic risk, sharing good practices for a correct management of water resources.

On Saturday 28th of September, LIFE BEWARE partners are promoting a half-day excursion to Tretto’s forest, realized following the watercourse. Ezio Sartore, from the Cooperative “Ecotopia”, Paola Virgilietti and Davide Gabrielli from Veneto Agricoltura and “RestarT” Association will lead the participants on the discovery of the several ways in which forest contributes to defend lowlands.

The hike includes different visits to local stakeholders who will share their experience and their good practices of territorial valorization, as it is the case of Maggiociondolo farm. On the other hand, women farmers will share their stories and their ways of creating a connection between the forest and the lowlands and local citizens will show their daily good practices implemented to optimize water consumption. Finally, Veneto Agricoltura will show a first forest hydraulic system. The visit will end in Valle dell’Orco, with a meeting with local woodmen who will share the importance of their role for forest heritage preservation.

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