November 12, 2019 – Meeting: “Weather Emergency in Marano: Problem for all, which are the possible solutions?”

On Tuesday 12th of November, a new BEWARE event entitled “Weather Emergency in Marano: Problem for all, which are the possible solutions?” will take place in Marano Vicentino Auditorium at 20.30.
During the evening, the territorial critical issues and the actual state of the ongoing construction projects to prevent flood and to protect water resources will be presented thanks to the participation of Marano Vicentino Mayor, Marco Guzzonato, the Councilor for Public Works, Alessandra Cavedon, the Councilor for Urban Planning, Francesco Luca, and the Head of Municipal Technical Services, Daniela Golcic.
Specifically, two public works related to BEWARE project will be presented: the micro-basin which is under construction in the agricultural area in Giavenale di Schio and the sustainable urban drainage systems realized in Marano Vicentino primary and secondary schools.
The 2500 cubic meters micro-basin has a double objective: to retain and slow down the flow of water downstream, and to guarantee, even in times of drought, the water resource to the agricultural activities of the area. The basin will be surrounded by a strip of vegetation typical of the Venetian lowland areas in order to increase the biodiversity and to create a habitat for different animal species.
The sustainable urban drainage systems, which are interconnected among them, reduce the flood risk affecting Marano Vicentino schools. The interventions are composed of rain gardens, drainage paving and rainwater collection tanks/flowers. This set of small interventions will allow to manage the rainwater that, in case of intense weather events, accumulates going to flood, even damaging the structure, the school canteen.

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