The project LIFE BEWARE is presented as a case study in the Master “Manager of Sustainable Local Development” of the University of Padua

On March 13th 2021 the course “Resilient communities to hydrogeological risk” began within the Master “Manager of Sustainable Local Development” of the University of Padua. The good practices and results of the LIFE BEWARE project, such as the Natural Water Retention Measures adopted in Santorso, Marano Vicentino and Giavenale di Schio – will be presented in order to train experts in territorial growth processes, that will need to know which are the most innovative responses to prevent hydrogeological risks and make the territory more resilient.

The course “Resilient Communities to hydrogeological risk” has the objective to confront participants with the increasingly important issues of climate change, soil consumption and the effects on hydrogeological risk, but also, and above all, the solutions that can be adopted to increase territorial resilience through an innovative eco-systemic approach.

The course will also talk about Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), land improvement works and integrated policies of rural and urban development. The Master is aimed at young graduates, territorial development planners, experts and consultants of the Public Administration, responsible for Area Programmatic Agreements (IPA), representatives of Local Action Groups (GALs) and research institutes. The Master aims to increase and strengthen the multidisciplinary application skills of participants in order to make them able to operate more consciously and effectively, to manage the articulated processes that lead to the development of a territory.

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