The LIFE BEWARE Purchasing Group is born

The LIFE BEWARE Purchasing Group is born

The Life Beware buying group has been set up with the aim of reducing the price of water resilience measures in the household. In order to ensure that hydraulic resilience measures can also be implemented in private homes, such interventions must be easily available at competitive prices.

The LIFE BEWARE project has made one of the first national purchasing groups of this kind a reality. The aim is to obtain, at a reasonable price, a range of useful domestic devices to prevent the harmful consequences of increasingly frequent adverse climatic phenomena. These range from rain gardens to tanks for storing and reusing rainwater, green roofs and draining paving.
The first meeting of the Life Beware buying group took place on Monday the 20th of December and the second one, where some quotes will already be shared, is scheduled for the 24th of January. Participation is free and open to all citizens, including those who did not attend the first meeting.

The objective is to spread throughout the territory a series of simple actions that, when combined one by one, will be beneficial to the entire community, leading, by the very fact of being replicated on a domestic scale, to increasingly widespread hydraulic resilience, as well as awareness.

During the first meeting the vast majority of the participants were particularly interested in the purchase of tanks for rainwater management, which make it possible to retain rainwater without congesting the public drainage system or soaking the land at the time of the heaviest rainfall, allowing it to be stored so that it can be reused at a later date for watering gardens and vegetable plots or for other purposes. It is therefore on these reservoirs that the buying group will concentrate in the first instance, while always
remaining open to further and diversified requests among the range of possible and desirable ones.

In order to find out about the benefits of the Life Beware buying group and to be able to participate, you need to fill in the new online form by 14th of January, selecting the devices you are interested in: Click here

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