Life Beware’s Monitoring visit was a success!

Life Beware’s Monitoring visit was a success!

The Life Beware Project was promoted with full marks by the European supervisors who examined the remarkable results achieved. During the monitoring visit, which took place on April 27th, the experts from Brussels have reviewed the series of Natural Water Retention Measures (NWRM) carried out in Santorso and Marano Vicentino.


More specifically, the monitoring visit – the fourth and last of the Life Beware Project – was hosted in Casa del Custode of Santorso and consisted of the presentation of the work team and, above all, of the results delivered by the Project, in order to allow the European Commission’s representatives to verify the progress and usefulness of the works carried out and the correctness of the use of the allocated sums.


The external monitor Paolo Rosa-Clot and the contact person for the European Commission Diana Oancea had the opportunity to deepen every activity and aspect of the Project carried out, showing interest and participation, and expressing several times satisfaction for the results achieved. The individual partners of the project presented their work: the Municipality of Santorso, which is the lead partner, the Municipality of Marano Vicentino, Veneto Agricoltura, Consorzio di bonifica Alta Pianura Veneta, Alda – Associazione Europea per la Democrazia Locale, and Tesaf – Dipartimento Territorio e Sistemi Agro-Forestali of the University of Padua.


The first part of the day, after the introduction of Franco Balzi – Mayor of Santorso, concerned the presentation and analysis of the Project activities for each action and the examination of the documentation. The afternoon was instead dedicated to the field verification with the control of the 7 sites of NWRM realized: Grumo hill, Piazza della Libertà, via Volti, Aquasaliente, parking lot of the cemetery, via Prati per Santorso; water retention basin in Giavenale di Schio; elementary school in Marano Vicentino.


As Franco Balzi rightfully said:

“It was an important and challenging appointment, which gave us a lot of satisfaction and, above all, the opportunity to meet to see the fruits of this exciting journey undertaken together, with the partners who have collaborated with competence, enthusiasm and dynamism, and that has been so much appreciated by our guests. Beware is now coming to an end, but there are still some important appointments and new deadlines waiting for us: now we are projecting ourselves on the final event and the final report”.


The Project, in fact, will formally end on June 30th, but the works it has left behind will continue to bring benefits in the decades to come.


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