Let’s build together a Climate Action Plan for the Altovicentino!

On November 30th, the LIFE BEWARE project will start a participatory process to build a Climate Action Plan for the Altovicentino inviting the whole community to share ideas and concrete actions to ensure climate resilience!

Experts of the LIFE BEWARE Project will guide the citizens of the Altovicentino in 8 online meetings to develop an action plan for climate adaptation. Starting from the analysis of the leading causes that have made our communities so vulnerable to the effects of climate change, the most effective solutions, and strategies will be identified to make them more resilient. The group of experts will collect ideas and proposals that emerged at the working tables and will draw up a plan which, once ready, will be adopted by the Municipalities of Altovicentino.

The initiative is aimed at citizens, public administrators, technicians, professionals, students, farmers, and associations of the Altovicentino area. 

The more voices and experiences we collect, the more effective the plan for protecting our communities and ecosystem will be!

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