The Community of Interest of the LIFE BEWARE Project is currently composed by 84 partners coming from 10 countries among municipalities, universities and research institutes, professional bodies of experts such as engineers, architects, surveyors, agronomists and forestry doctors, as well as reclamation Consortia, civil society organizations and companies from all over Europe. With the Community of Interest, LIFE BEWARE is creating a wide network in the field of hydraulic safety and resilience with the aim of fostering the involvement of the stakeholders in the project activities and to ensure the replicability of its results.

In compliance with the values, objectives and topics of LIFE BEWARE, the members are invited to discover and follow the activities of the project by subscribing to the newsletter, promoting the dissemination of the project results, contributing to the collection of information on the theme of hydraulic risk, joining debates and specific events about the related critical issues and priorities.

These actions will allow to customize the project activities making sure that workshops, meetings and training courses, guided tours, webinars on hydraulic safety meet the objectives to the needs and priorities identified and suggested by the Community of Interest.

What does the Community do?

Besides being a great opportunity to create synergies between stakeholders from different sectors and several European countries, the LIFE BEWARE Community of Interest offers to its members the possibility to participate in some of the most interesting activities organized by the project partners such as:

  • Training courses on hydraulic risk mitigation and prevention in urban and rural areas, for experts and technicians, public administrators and farmers;
  • Lessons on climate change and adaptation measures with primary and secondary school students;
  • Webinars on Natural Water Retention Measures as a strategy for flood risk prevention;
  • University course “Communities resilient to hydrogeological risk” realized within the master’s course of the University of Padova “Governance of local development networks”;
  • Cycles of conferences, festivals and popular activities oriented to the whole citizenship.


How to become a partner?

To join the BEWARE Community of Interest it is necessary to share the project aims by signing a Memorandum of Understanding, hence contributing to the dissemination and promotion of the project activities. Moreover, it is possible to participate in a survey regarding hydraulic risk whose results will be used to customize the characteristics of the activities offered to the Community of Interest and to define the contents of a manual on the main natural water retention measures for the hydraulic safety of the territory.

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