The BEWARE buying group proposes investments for smart rainwater management

The main objective of the LIFE BEWARE project is to achieve a strategy for climate adaptation to the risk of flooding and inundation by increasing the infiltration and storage capacity of rainwater in urban and rural areas, through the active involvement of local communities and the dissemination of interventions and devices for sustainable and smart rainwater management.

A widespread use of this type of intervention (rain gardens, draining paving, green roofs, storage tanks…) would, in fact, make our territory more resilient and able to mitigate or prevent damage caused by heavy rains. At the same time, these interventions bring benefits to individuals and the community in a win-win perspective, for example through the collection of rainwater reused for irrigation or the use of green roofs that allow a better insulation of buildings and a reduction in energy consumption.

With this in mind, Beware has set up a purchasing group that, depending on the final number of buyers, will provide access to products and services at significantly reduced prices. The higher the number of participants, the lower the cost incurred for the purchase of individual devices. Moreover, citizens will be involved in the analysis of products, in the evaluation of solutions and in the purchase of common systems, obviously adapted to the needs of individual participants.

In particular, the project proposes different types of investment:

Above-ground tanks, with reduced cost, for the collection and reuse (irrigation of the garden/garden) of rainwater

Drainage paving for households and businesses that are planning to pave the open spaces of their properties with smart and aesthetically appealing solutions

Rain gardens for families or businesses that want to improve, with the creation of a flower bed, the aesthetic value of their green spaces, while improving the management of rainfall runoff (infiltration and recharge of the water table, reduction of the load on the drainage network with consequent reduction of the risk of flooding)

Green roofs for families or businesses that are planning to re-roof their home/business, or simply for those interested in giving a touch of green to their property by including this type of intervention on small roofs and canopies

Climate change adaptation starts with these simple initiatives, but it can go far!

If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the following online form without obligation by 10/31/2021 and you will be contacted by project staff.

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