December 13, 2019 – Meeting-Jury Trial: “Anthropocene and human wounds on our planet: is a cure still possible or are we at a dead end?”

The first cycle of events – realized in the framework of the LIFE project “BEWARE – BEtter Water-management for Advancing Resilient-communities in Europecontinues with an appointment dedicated to high schools. On Friday 13th of December, a trial about human responsibilities towards the planet – entitled Anthropocene and human wounds on our planet: is a cure still possible or are we at a dead end? – will be performed at the Pasubio Cinema (Schio) from 9.00 a.m.

The current geological era is referred to as “Anthropocene” to emphasize the impact of human actions on the Earth’s environment. A real jury trial will be simulated involving 230 students and 22 professors from the Higher Education Institution Pasini and three university professors from the Department of Territory and Agro-Forestal Systems (TESAF) of the University of Padua, partner of BEWARE project, who will impersonate the judge (Paolo Tarolli, professor of agricultural hydraulics); the prosecution (Tommaso Anfodillo, professor of Forest Ecology); and the defense (Mario Pividori, professor of forestry and forest management).

During the evening, the documentary “Anthropocene. The Human Epoch” by Jennifer Baichwal, Edward Burtynsky e Nicholas de Pencier (2018), will be screened at Pasubio Cinema.

“Anthropocene. The Human Epoch” is third in a trilogy that includes “Manufactured Landscapes” (2006) and “Watermark” (2013), about the impact caused by human actions on our planet. The documentary takes the spectator on a journey across six continents, narrated by the voice of Alicia Vikander, showing the different ways in which human beings are exploiting natural resources thus altering Earth as never before, more than natural phenomena actually do.

The thesis of the Anthropocene Working Group, which started its studies in 2009, is that the last 10.000 years constitute a real geological era.

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