The LIFE Beware Advisory Board is formed

Among the objectives of the LIFE Beware project is the creation of a list of experts (consultants/researchers) at Italian and European level on water management in rural areas.

The aim of the Board is to support training and consultancy actions for the adaptation to climate change allowing the project team and the local administration to draw quickly and adequately on the experience and know-how of competent and qualified experts on the themes of water management in urban, agricultural and forestry contexts.

Four areas of expertise have been identified: the Advisory Board includes experts in hydraulic engineering from the Universities of Padua, Milan and Valencia, agronomists and researchers in the field of agronomic and forest management. The Board includes Civil engineers specialized in environmental resilience, architects and experts in sustainable development and public policy assessment. Experts in funding opportunities such as europlanners and experts in entrepreneurial and innovative design with social relevance are also involved.

An excellent and valuable tool at the disposal of the communities of Marano Vicentino, Santorso and beyond! Find out more about the Committee of Experts at this link:

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