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BEWARE Newsletter
Issue #1 - September 2019
Drop by drop we improve land security

Enjoy the reading of the first newsletter of LIFE BEWARE (BEtter Water Management for Advancing Resilient Communities in Europe) project!

Our journey is just at the beginning: with this e-newsletter we will keep you updated about the planned actions, we will inform you about the public meetings and we will send you the in-depth analysis on the themes of the project.

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BEWARE Consortium

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What is the BEWARE project?

The BEWARE Project is a 4-year project that started in the Upper Vicenza in October 2018 and which is co-funded by the EU under the LIFE Programme. The project aims to spread a model and a strategy of adaptation to climate change, to mitigate hydraulic risks with a strategy that increases the infiltration and storage of rainwater in urban and rural areas. In particular, BEWARE aims to reduce the flooding caused by the heavy rains that increasingly occur in our territories, causing serious hardship and economic losses.

Let's find out more!

Who are we?

We are a group of competent, creative and passionate professionals, driven by a strong motivation and responsibility towards the territory and the environment.

The project counts on a very diversified consortium which sees the Municipality of Santorso as lead partner, in parternship with the Municipality of Marano Vicentino, the University of Padova (TeSAF Department), Consorzio di Bonifica Alta Pianura Veneta, Veneto Agricoltura and ALDA (The European Association for Local Democracy).

What are our main goals?

The project adopts a multi-stakeholders strategy to reach the following objectives:

  1. To carry out technical and demonstrative interventions for hydraulic safety and good management of water resources (natural water retention measures) in urban and agricultural areas;
  2. To activate a participatory process to identify shared actions and encourage citizens' action to reduce the risk of rainfalls and flooding in the area;
  3. To promote a regulatory framework and technical skills that facilitate the dissemination of natural water retention measures;
  4. To disseminate the proposed initiatives so that they are a virtuous example that can also be replicated in other Italian and European municipalities.

What are Natural Water Retention Measures?

Natural Water Retention Measures are interventions and practices aimed at better management of rainfall flows and reduction of their impact on the territory. Through a greater water storage capacity of a territory, the use of natural processes such as infiltration and restoration of ecosystems and aquifers, these measures allow to improve the hydraulic resilience and safeguard water resources.

What we will do?

The project includes several actions: some techniques, such as the implementation of natural water retention measures in urban and agricultural areas, the development and signing of an inter-municipal action plan on hydraulic resilience, the updating of local building regulations to promote the use of retention measures; others to raise awareness and training of the territory through meetings and field visits, training courses, workshops, webinars and educational activities for schools; others still dedicated to communication and dissemination of the project.

Discover more about our project in the LIFE BEWARE Media channels and follow our flood risk prevention actions!
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"Mitigating the climate. Manage water, produce income with trees you can" - Santorso - 24/07/2019

On Wednesday, July 24, the second in a series of meetings for farmers was held at the Custos' House in Santorso. The evening was an opportunity to illustrate to the wide public that planting trees in agricultural land can contribute to better water management, to the mitigation of the effects of climate change while providing a contribution to income.
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The works for the natural retention of water in Santorso and Marano Vicentino started! – 05/07/2019

Within the LIFE BEWARE Project, the “Natural Water Retention Measures” (NWRMs) for the hydraulic safety and the management of water resources in the municipalities of Santorso and Marano Vicentino have begun. LIFE BEWARE Project foresees other 7 interventions in both urban and agricultural areas, follow us to keep you updated about the next steps!
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"Managing water in agriculture: when it is too much and when there is not enough" Marano Vicentino - 20/03/2019

Wednesday, March 20th 2019, at the Council Chamber of Marano Vicentino (VI), was held the first training meeting on measures on how to deal with extreme situations of excess or lack of water and on a good management of water resources in agriculture. The speakers and participants shared technical solutions and how public contributions could be used to implement them.
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Conference "The Challenge to Climate Change: Concrete Responses to the Risk of Flooding in the Altovicentino, Santorso" - 22/02/2019

On Friday, February 22nd, 2019, the partners of the LIFE BEWARE Project met the local community of Santorso to talk about climate change and concrete responses to the risk of flooding in the area. It was an opportunity to answer questions from citizens who have been involved actively in the evening answering the questionnaire to test their knowledge on hydraulic risks.
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Press Conference of the LIFE BEWARE Project in Santorso - 12/11/2018

The first Press Conference of the Project was held in Santorso on 12th November 2018. This was the first occasion to present our LIFE BEWARE to the wide public!
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The first Steering Committee of the LIFE BEWARE Project in Santorso (VI) - 22/10/2018

On 22nd October 2018, the LIFE BEWARE Consortium met in Santorso (VI) to getting to know each other, discuss and coordinate about the future actions of the project. The LIFE BEWARE has officially started!
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LIFE17 “Kick-off meeting” in Brussels – 2-3/10/2018

The LIFE BEWARE Project was in Brussels to participate at the Kick Off Meeting of all the LIFE Projects 2017. A fruitful exchange between different LIFE Projects and some key instructions from the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sizes Enterprises (EASME) lead of the LIFE Programme for the EU were provided to our consortium.
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We care about nature, EU cares about it too!

Have a look at the video and click here to discover more about the LIFE programme: the funding programme of LIFE BEWARE project and the tool used by the European Union programme to support actions against climate changes and to protect environment.

Flooding and Monitoring? EFAS will take care of it!

The European Flood Awareness System – EFAS aims to develop measures to prevent major flood events, particularly in the large trans-national river basins and throughout Europe in general. EFAS is the first operational European System monitoring and forecasting floods across Europe. Have a look on the website and get informed!
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